Ilze Bebris
Ilze Bebris artist and sculptor
The Red Shoes


Date: 2000

Location: Dynamo Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

The Red Shoes is a deconstruction of Hans Christian Andersen's morality tale of the same title as well as an spatial investigation of voice and silence. Using the narrative structure of A.A. Milne's Disobedience, the installation, a mix of text and images, winds across the walls of the gallery. Each of the voices appears in a different guise: the authoritative narrator in heavy black velvet letters, the child's voice as handwritten text weaving around the wire and crayon drawings of dancing feet. The tidy line drawings of shoes, each neatly labeled with a virtue, contrast to the frantic scribbles as the shoes climb the wall toward disaster. The final element in the narrative, a series degraded prints of the images missing women from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver hangs as a silent menace and grounds the critique in urgent contemporary issues.